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hello yes my name is candle hi hello


to do

hey lil mama how u doin

Taking Seven Free Requests (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 3, 2014, 7:51 PM
Hello, friends. I am taking requests from seven people, for free, and at the moment four spots are open.
I will draw

1. A portrait of the desired character.
2. Full body of the desired character with line art and coloring.
3. Chibi with line art and coloring.
4. A sketch.

Just comment below what you wish and be sure to be specific if needed.

SPOT ONE: Taken by :iconkudretkundaci: with a portrait of Austria from Hetalia.

Austria .:REQUEST:. by MischiefDreary

SPOT TWO: Taken by :iconmegamoviemonday: . Currently a WIP.

SPOT THREE: Taken by :iconloviadopts: with a chibi picture of her lovely OC. Currently a WIP.

SPOT FOUR: Taken by :iconmonstrouspegasister: . Currently a WIP.

SPOT FIVE: Taken by :iconthenameisharmony: with a full body picture of Charles Xavier. Currently a WIP.

SPOT SIX: Taken by :iconabby-wut: . Currently a WIP.

SPOT SEVEN: Taken by :iconnedrian: . Currently a WIP.


self portrait by MischiefDreary
Hel Lokidottir by MischiefDreary
Kurt Cobain by MischiefDreary
A portrait done of any character you desire. If it is a fictional cartoon character, a reference must be included on what you wish for the facial features to look like. Full body is extra, depending on what the character is wearing.
Full Body Of Desired Character
Loki And Angrboda by MischiefDreary
Letting Go by MischiefDreary
Peggy Carter by MischiefDreary
A full body picture of your character. 40 for a sketch, 60 for line art, 70 for coloring, and 80 for coloring and shading. Background of your choice.
daily routine by MischiefDreary
Quicksilver by MischiefDreary
A picture of the desired character as a chibi. 40 for a sketch of your chibi character, 45 for line art, 50 for color, 55 for shading, and 60 for something like the picture shown above; with all of the listed options.
King Loki WIP by MischiefDreary
STEVE ROGERS DOGE by MischiefDreary
A sketch of your character. 50 for color, 60 for shading. 70 points for both.

these people r pretty coo


Aug 19, 2014
6:42 am
Aug 17, 2014
6:43 pm
Aug 17, 2014
12:50 pm
Aug 15, 2014
9:34 pm
Aug 15, 2014
1:58 pm


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